Дима Дорошев

Посты из блога по тегу programming:

I wrote a program that made me healthier

Periodically, due to tonsillitis, I need to visit an ENT about twice a year: for check-ups, treatment, and other minor things.

The problem is that there is only one ENT in the local clinic, and their schedule is always fully booked two weeks in advance.

That is, if you want to book an appointment through EMIAS (Unified Medical Information and Analytical System of Moscow), it's not possible. You need to constantly recheck the schedule and "catch the gaps".

A couple of weeks ago, I managed to catch such a gap, came to the appointment, they prescribed a course of procedures for me, which meant another 4-5 visits, and the next appointment was only in 10 days.

What to do, I booked it.

But the next morning, I accidentally found out that a "gap" was available that day, and I immediately booked it. As a result, I managed to visit the ENT two days in a row by appointment, which is usually impossible.

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