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The fate of drummers

I stumbled across a video where drummer Arien van Weesenbeek practices his part. I've never watched drumming so closely, and I'm genuinely shocked at the amount of work that has to be done there.

Firstly, all this setup has to be assembled and somehow tuned. Secondly, an incredible sense of rhythm is needed to keep pace. Thirdly, both legs are constantly involved, so proper coordination is also a must. (For example, I still can't simultaneously pat my head with one hand and rub my belly with the other.) Fourthly, it looks physically exhausting. Just watching it made my shoulders hurt, can you imagine doing this for two hours during a concert?

And probably the most frustrating thing is that the drummer is almost invisible behind the guitarists, vocalists, and keyboardists who are bouncing around on stage. That's why there aren't many good drummers: not every artist can combine such responsibility, productivity, and modesty.

Appreciate drummers.