Always Complain

Recently, we decided to order Georgian food for lunch from Bolt Food. We found a pretty good restaurant, ordered food for 40 euros, and waited. The delivery was promised in about 40 minutes. At some point, Bolt notified us that the courier was already heading to the restaurant, then the food was prepared, but the courier disappeared. Bolt started searching for a new courier, and the delivery time doubled. I watched this for a while and decided to write to the support because clearly, something went wrong.

At first, the support chat bot automatically offered a discount on the next delivery, but I refused and called an operator to talk. Why would I need a discount on the next order when I haven't even eaten this one yet? The operator checked the order, manually reassigned the courier, and said that half the cost of the order would be refunded later. I looked at the map, and indeed a new courier appeared, but he was headed in the opposite direction from the restaurant. I decided to write about this in the chat just in case, to which the operator replied that everything would be sorted out.

After a while, the courier did arrive and brought the food, which was still hot, even though the delivery was delayed by an hour. I wrote to support that the order was delivered and everything was super, and in response, I received another apology and that due to such a delay, they would now refund the full cost of the order, not half.

So instead of lunch, we got a free dinner. And if I hadn't complained, I would have received cold food at an unknown time and a spoiled mood.