Learning German

Hertz (Hz) is a unit of frequency, how many times a certain event happens per second. It is named after Heinrich Hertz (Heinrich Hertz). In a calm state, the heart beats about 60 times per minute, that is, at a frequency of 1 Hz. The word for heart in German is herz.

The word for a present in English is gift. Gift in German means poison.

The name of the letter ß, "eszett", can be literally translated as SZ (es-zett). It looks very similar to B or β (beta), but in fact it is a ligature of two letters: ſ (one of the old forms of s) and ʒ, which have no relation to B (ſʒ → ß, beautiful). Moreover, the letter has always been lowercase, and a few years ago a capital version appeared - ẞ.

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